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New Album:
The Story Of The Boy With The Stolen Name

(March 13, 2017)

Featured Single – Distances / Smokes

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Having recently released their sophomore album “The Story Of The Boy With The Stolen Name”, Air Combat is a band who’s members have long since paid their dues with nearly a decade of experience in previously established alternative rock outfits.

These combined years of experience are clearly showcased in the focused sound being presented in the band’s latest release: a hard-hitting narrative that tells a story of growing up watching someone suffer with physical and mental illness, their premeditated death and ultimately, the aftermath of despair, guilt and letting go. All of these story elements are blended into a high octane, alternative punk album with dissonant post-hardcore riffing contrasted with pensive moments of melodic indie-rock introspection, serving as a backdrop to vocalist Sheldon Stenning’s emotionally blunt lyrics and vocal delivery.

Air Combat has been fortunate enough to work with some notable studios on the production of this album – mixing and mastering was handled by Sam Pura at The Panda Studios in Fremont California who previously worked with The Story So Far and Forever Came Calling. Tracking and editing was done at Rain City Recorders in Vancouver, BC who, as a studio, have undertaken projects with Take The Earth Beneath Us and Living With Lions.

Air Combat recently completed a month long, Canada wide tour in April 2017 heading from Vancouver to Montreal and back.

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Air Combat is the product of successes, failures, hopes, fears and dreams; the result of a stubborn refusal to give into obstacles and the tenacity to always come back swinging.

Due to what both musicians would describe as “a really shitty 2014”, vocalist/synth player Sheldon Stenning and bassist Tommy Phoenix both found themselves exiting the year band-less, after the dissolution of their respective long-running projects Sharks! On Fire! and Fighting For Ithaca.

After some scouting around the local scene in their hometown of Vancouver B.C. they recruited guitarist Will Langlais and drummer Tyler Zanon, feeling an intense chemistry between the four of them as early their first jam together. Drawing from a wide range of influences such as post-hardcore, punk, indie rock and even jazz, the quartet quickly began to find a sound all of their own.

After releasing their first EP “Reki” to positive critical reception and touring western Canada, Tommy resigned from the band due to financial and family obligations. Being married is tough. However, this didn’t slow the band down as they continued to play shows, regularly touring western Canada with the help of a few good friends filling-in. The band also starting the preparations for their second album.

After searching for many months, Air Combat found their new permanant bass player right under their nose: Evan Follweiter. Evan previously played with Sheldon in Sharks! On Fire!, and came armed with touring experience and years of shows under his belt.

The band is now poised to tour the majority of Canada after releasing their second album “The Story Of The Boy With The Stolen Name” tracked at Rain City Recorders and mixed by Sam Pura of The Panda Studios, who has previously worked with The Story So Far and Forever Came Calling.


Sheldon Stenning – Vocals, Synth
Tyler Zanon – Drums, Backing Vox
Evan Follweiter – Bass


Genre: Pop-Punk / Emo / Alternative
Established: 2015
Hometown: Vancouver, BC, Canada

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